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Funeral Benefit Scheme

Funeral assistance

When any individual or citizen of Nigeria cannot afford a funeral for a close friend or blood relative who has died and their liquid assets will not be able to cover their funeral costs, then OKG FAMILY intends to come to that specific person’s aid and assistance by bearing all the basic necessary costs for a decent funeral or cremation as the need may be.

Funeral benefit scheme is a scheme that is availed by people as a tool to help your loved ones pay for all your final expenses after you're dead. It is a scheme that is used to cover any expense left after someone dies. This expense could be funeral cost and hospitals bills.

Advantages of funeral scheme

Having a funeral scheme will give you & your loved ones a sense of peace, knowing that if anything happens to you, they will have the necessary amount of money to give you the respect and dignity that every human deserves.

This Funeral Benefit Scheme will be run and managed by OKG FAMILY and it can be availed by paying a certain premium monthly for certain specific number of years before claiming the benefit.

Eligibility for funeral benefit scheme & assistance

To apply for funeral benefit scheme & assistance, you need to:

  • Have to be an Adult Nigerian.
  • Benefit can be claimed by a close friend or blood relative of the deceased person who has passed away anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Have to confirm with other close family members and relatives that no one else wants to do the funeral.
  • No prior or advance funeral arrangements done to conflict with the Funeral benefit scheme.
  • If you have signed a contract with any Funeral Director, then you must get written approval from that Funeral Director to release you from that Contract.
  • You have to admit that, you are not able to get any Funeral Assistance from any local Government bodies hence you prefer this Funeral Benefit Scheme.


Marriage Ceremony Scheme

Marriage is the joining of two people in a bond that last till death. Marriage is the foundation of the family unit. and also the process by which two people make their relationship public. It is the Intimate union of man and woman. Marriage was ordained by God, who created man and woman in his own image, so that they might become one body and fertile and multiply { GENESIS1-27 &28 }.

Getting married is a dream of every Adult individual but funding the ceremony is another pain taking decision for so-many people., Therefore, Okgfamily solution has taking upon its self to get the burden off its members neck, by creating a marriage ceremony scheme.

Marriage ceremony scheme is a scheme that is availed by Adult men and women as a tool to aid them finance their marriage ceremony without tears. It is a scheme that is used to cover all expense related to your marriage, from Paying Bride Price, to Actual Entertainment of Guest. 

The Marriage ceremony scheme is been run and managed by Okgfamily solutions and can be availed by paying a certain premium monthly for specific number of years before claiming the benefit at the time of your marriage.

Eligibility for marriage scheme and assistance

  • Have to be an Adult
  • Proof of membership of Okgfamily solution scheme
  • Gainfully Employed.

Maternity Assistance Scheme

Child bearing is a thing of joy for many Adults, married and UN-married . The joy of seeing a new born human creature coming into the world through you gives an inner joy and sence of fulfillment and accomplishment. This Innocent human creature will depend totally on you. HOW READY ARE YOU ???..

Okgfamily solution with its years of experience noticed that many Adults gets disappointed and their joy of seeing the new creature are cut short, due to lack of proper planning and fund. Some are totally Ignorant of the total cost of welcoming this Innocent Angel to the world.

Okgfamily solution ,your partner in all your family problems , has come up with a scheme and Enlightenment programme on how to welcome your little Angel to our world without grumbling.

The maternity benefit scheme will be availed by paying a certain premium, monthly for specific number of years, before claiming for the benefits. The benefit amount covers hospital bills, medicines and post natal care. 


Adult Men And Women
Gainfully Employed { Business, Self Employed Etc }
Okgfamily Solution Membership