Adult Friendship

Recently for the “Buzz” News section of “The Navhind Times” of Goa, famous Bollywood Producer & Director Miss Ekta Kapoor was quoted in her interview saying, “People tell me that after a certain age you can’t make friends, but now I know that if you haven’t kept the doors open, someone out there who might share the same world as you, will not have been given the opportunity to come closer to you.” Ekta Kapoor interviewed by Shubha Shetty –Saha for ‘The Navhind Times, English Newspaper dated Thursday, January 26, 2012.

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Below is an Originally Written Article by Mrs. Gloria on how to develop 7 Habits to make new adult friends.

7 Habits to Grow Personal Happiness in Your Adult Friendships

Look out for the good things in the opposite person.

Every human being is blessed or born with some good qualities or skills. Just as diamonds cannot be discovered right on top of the soil, similarly diamond like good qualities normally do not shine in every person. As a friendly person we need to discover it in the opposite person who we want to make our friend. Then acknowledge this good quality or habit that you like of your friend and speak about it so that your friend shines in its diamond like glory.
For Example: Mr. A may be good at telling jokes, Miss X is good at cooking, Mrs. C exercises and maintains a good figure. Mr. D is a good storyteller. Mr. G is a good event organizer. Etc.

Understand friendships & relationships may not last forever.

Friendships can be short term, long term or long lasting or lifelong. Sometimes good friendships too can end. Enjoying the benefits of adult friendship by enjoying being in the present helps in maintaining your happiness equilibrium. As one grows older every year, it becomes extremely difficult to make new meaningful adult friendships and adult relationships.

Choose Friends Wisely.

There is popular anonymous saying, “where there is trust, only there, only there, there CAN be betrayal”. The most enjoyable and lasting friendships are those that are based on the passage of time. The more you know your friend, the more your friendship will grow. Friendships grow over chat, chai (tea) and team building activities. Choose your friends wisely as a true friend will know you just as well as you know yourself. That can be frightening. That’s trust in friendship. That’s Adult Friendship.

Avoid Stressful Friends.

Friends are supposed to be “stress busters”, “stress relievers” never “stress givers”. You should eagerly feel the longing to be with your adult friend every day of your life or at least at regular intervals during the week or month. If your adult friend is giving you unnecessary stress, not due to you, then you should run away from such adult friends. Stress on a sailing ship or a human association will sooner or later sink the relationship. Always keep away from stressful friends.

Friends are always friends, not Family. Always Family First.

There should be a time and place for every type of relationship in a humans sphere of life. If you follow the Golden principle of Family First then you will never go wrong with your friendships and family relationships. Family should have the place of diamonds, friends the place of gold and other relationships silver and so forth. Friendship is something that should enrich your personal life, not burden that of your family’s private life.

Not all your adult friends need to become family friends.

Always understand that different adult friends and different family members have varied personality traits, habits, tastes and choices. We like or love our adult friends and adult friendships but not necessarily our family will like our adult male or adult female friends.
A Woman’s Example of her female friend: I have a friend who is comical, affectionate, energetic, and harbors a complete lack of shyness.  I laugh louder with her than I do with nearly anyone else.  But my husband finds her voice rough and her jokes tasteless. While this used to cause me no end of anguish and anger (how could the love of my life, my husband not appreciate such a loyal and vibrant personality?), I’ve come to agree the realism that it’s unlikely that my husband is always going to appreciate the same qualities in a friend that I do.

Sometimes an Adult Friend can do what even families cannot do.

Sad but sometimes true, in our most depressing and disastrous moments in life, we find ourselves being more helped by our long and old adult friends than by our own blood family especially relatives in this case. Understand that today we are living in an age of specialization and diversifications. Hence today Friendships are being divided under separate titles such as childhood friends, school friends, college friends, old friends, new friends, even just friends, internet friends, workplace friends, Facebook friends and adult friends.

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