About Okwuglo

Who we are
This family service centre of Okwuglo Family Solutions is owned, run and managed by Mrs. GLORIA OGOLO WUZOR.

Mrs. Gloria herself being a mother of two wonderful children is acquainted and has first-hand experience of normal day to day problems that exist in every growing family in India. One of the services of Okg Family solutions is to provide quality and professional assistance to clients to find solutions to their personal, marital and family problems all over Goa, India.

The three C’s of happiness for adults
The Agency reminds us of the saying, “No Man or Woman can live like an Island”, “Journeying through life Alone”. The basic inbuilt human instinct that is engrained in every human individual is to find a partner, a companion, a soul mate, a friend, a marriage mate or a lifelong lover. At Okwuglo Family Solutions we believe that life is sacred & holy. Human life is for living and loving. We encourage people to love to live and live to love. Okwuglo Family solutions understand the needs for people to love and be loved. That’s why every human being as a person has to be Caring, Compassionate and Committed in their relationships.

How Happiness Happens….
Okwuglo Family your personal counsellor and family consultant enlightens us that Happiness does not happen by itself. One has to invest time, efforts, money, personal attention and love to make it happen and this simple rule applies to any part of the world. Happiness happens to those persons who desire it and dedicate their person and personal resources towards attaining it. We at Okwuglo Family Solutions have professional staff that are trained and experienced on personal and family issues to help you in your individual pursuit of happiness. They discharge their duties based on the unique needs of the clients to achieve success in being happy.

Get in Touch with Us, Join Us and Help Us to Help Yourself.
We are within reach at Goa, in India physically at OKWUGLO FAMILY SERVICES, Grace Building, Ground Floor, Jacknim Vaddo, Parra, Bardez, (north Goa) Goa, India – 403510 Or in Nigeria at Victoria Square, Eneka Road Junction by G.U. Eke Road, Eliozu, Port Harcourt River State Or Email us directly at expressing your personal needs. Or more instantly talk to us on +234 9035708765  Nigeria / +91 7798911272  India to book an immediate appointment for consultation of your personal needs.