Family Locator

In today’s modern day hectic world, many a times there are variety of reasons and circumstances for families to get physically separated from their near and dear ones here in India, Africa and other parts of the world.

Over the years as physical and personal circumstances change, sometimes the same generation that is affected by the displaced family member or individuals of the next generation get seriously interested in finding the where-about of their biological or adopted family member.

The Agency informs us that, it is to be noted, that in most of the separated families the individual personal members of the family have voluntarily or mutually moved away from each other. After a prolonged period of time, family members get interested in a reunion and desire to find their loving family members once again. This gets difficult as most of the times, there is a total breakdown of communication between family members.

Okwuglo Family Solutions locates your lost and distant family that has been separated for a long time. Currently the family locator service is provided in India. The mission of Okwuglo family solutions is to provide a happy re-union of lost families.