Arranged Marriage

Since Okwuglo Family Solutions is based in India and Nigeria, hence one of our family services is to offer arranged marriage solutions for partners of the opposite sex here in India and Africa.

What is Arranged Marriage?
The practice of arranged marriage is a tradition in which somebody other than the couple getting married provides single or multiple choices of prospective & interested brides and grooms to the person to be wed.

During the process of arranged marriage, courtship may or may not be allowed. In stricter noble families of India and many international countries, the future bride and groom sometimes just gets to have a glimpse of the marriage mate at a simple, “seeing” ceremony or at a family “meeting” arrangement.

In modern day arranged marriages, that are happening in all the mega cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta), Bengaluru (Bangalore) and Chennai (Madras) and Africa courtship is freely allowed between two adult human beings of opposite sexes. First the couple is introduced to each other either by parents, marriage agency/agent, priests, matrimonial website or friends. Then as strangers during the courtship period of the arranged marriage, the couple discover each other and decide if they feel compatible enough to commit for lifelong marriage.

Today, traditional and modern arranged marriages are largely practiced in South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and East Asia to some extent. Traditional arranged marriages are even being practiced by all the communities of Goa too. Arranged marriages are very common all over India too. Other groups that practice this custom include the Unification Church and Hasidic Judaism.

The Agency informs us that arranged marriages are customarily seen in Indian, old-style European and traditional African cultures, especially among royalty, and are commonly decided by the parents or an older family member. The match could be selected by parents, a matchmaking agent, matrimonial site, or a trusted third party such as Okwuglo Family Solutions. In many communities, priests or religious leaders as well as relatives or family friends play a major role in matchmaking.

We help single men and women to arrange for their spouse. Sometimes true love is separated by distances and if a client desires to meet a spouse of same religious belief, same tribal origin, same profession, same culture. Or a spouse of different Nationality, we arrange the union.

All we need is you to have a desire to date and a dream to mate towards making your own family. Please do get in touch with us for Arranged Marriage Services offered by OKWUGLO FAMILY SERVICES, Grace Building, Ground Floor, Jacknim Vaddo, Parra, Bardez, (north Goa) Goa, India – 403510 Or in Nigeria at Victoria Square, Eneka Road Junction by G.U. Eke Road, Eliozu, Port Harcourt River State Or Email us directly at expressing your personal needs. Or more instantly talk to us on +234 9035708765  Nigeria / +91 7798911272  India to book an immediate appointment for consultation of your personal needs.