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Join in the Fight Locally & Globally against COVID 19.

Locally every village and city is facing an epidemic of big proportions. Country-wise and Countrywide too, the Corona Virus now officially known as COVID 19, renamed by WHO has truly become a Pandemic of gigantic magnitude.

Every local and national governments have launched a VIRUS WAR in every state and country at all social levels. IMGHA believes that every financially blessed individual should join in this state, country and worldwide efforts in any kind of relief measures, so that we all do not just depend on Government hard work, Corporate Social Responsibilities and few Celebrities efforts. We all common people too can pitch in and provide some or any financial help as much as possible.

With the above brief appeal, IMGHA Trust would like to invite anyone wishing and willing to make any financial donations towards this Virus War against COVID 19.

Donation Bank Account Details
Bank Name Access Bank
Bank Address 10 ODUA Road,  Portharcourt,  Rivers state. 
Swift  code  ABNGNLA
SORT CODE 044215673
Bank account 0102100054
Account  Name Okwuglo Family Solutions. 
Bank  Branch phone number  +2348149901047


We provide you with a warm & hospitable welcome to Okwuglo Family Solutions, in short Okg Family. All of our services are centred on and around the family.  Okwuglo Family Solutions is true to its name for the family, of the family and we stand by families in India and globally.

Okg Family Solutions is a family oriented organization dedicating its services to the wholesome, all round development of the family and its members. Our family services are dedicated and designed towards the well-being of individual human beings who come across unfortunate situations that are part and parcel of life, living and family life.

What we do
Okg Family Solutions is a human service organization endeavouring to reach out and help individuals and families that are depressed, distressed or disoriented with their immediate future. The Agency believes very positively that every human problem has to have a human solution. The Agency explains that since most of the human related problems are self-created, hence they direct clients to the vast resources and potential within the individual’s body, heart, mind and soul.

Okwuglo Family Solutions provides professional family services such as Marriage Counselling, Arranging arranged marriages, Matrimonial Search Services, Family Locator internationally, National & International Family Adoption & Adult Friendship.

Mrs. Gloria as the founder & owner of believes that happy families make a happy nation. The entire human society is made up of or bound together in different communities as groups of families. The more happy & peaceful families, the more happier & strong is the village, city, state and country. One happy family adds to the ever growing global family on planet earth.

Hence the mission of Okwuglo Family Solutions is to provide professional assistance to find solutions to one’s individual, marital and family problems in India and the world. As a family service centre we are equipped with professional staffs that understand your needs and help you to find solution towards it. Our family services are strictly confidential and we provide a conducive and friendly environment to all clients.